Doubting Thomas

How do you think you would feel if you knew that one of your best friends had died, but a few days later some people told you that your friend was now alive! Do you think you would believe them?

There was once a friend of Jesus named Thomas. He knew that his best Friend, Jesus had died. But a few days later, his friends told him that they had seen Jesus, and He was no longer dead! Let's find out what Thomas did when he heard the news.

After Jesus died, His friends and helpers were very sad. They loved Jesus very much and wanted Him to be alive again. Jesus' friends were also afraid. They thought that the same men who killed Jesus might kill them because they knew Jesus and had been His friend. So on Easter they went to a special room to hide, and they shut and locked the door. There they could talk about Jesus and be safe.

While they were talking, they turned around and saw someone else in the room. Do you know who they saw? It was Jesus! He didn't knock or open the door, He walked right through the walls! Only Jesus could do that! Jesus talked to His friends. He showed them the scars in His hands where He was nailed to the cross. Jesus' friends were so happy that Jesus was alive again! Then, as quickly as He came, Jesus disappeared. Jesus' helpers quickly ran to tell others that Jesus was alive!

There was one friend of Jesus who was not in the room when Jesus came to visit. His name was Thomas. When Thomas' friends told him the news, he didn't believe it. He said, "I can't believe that Jesus is alive unless I see him with my own eyes."

A week later, Thomas was with his friends in the secret room. They were talking about Jesus when all of a sudden, Jesus came into the room again! This time Thomas saw Jesus. Jesus went right over to him and talked with Him. He let Thomas touch the scars in His hands. Thomas was very excited. His Friend Jesus was alive! He had seen Him with his own eyes!

Jesus said, "Thomas, you needed to see me in order to believe that I was alive. There will be other people who will believe that I am alive without seeing me. And they will be very happy." Then Jesus disappeared again.

Thomas was very happy that Jesus was alive! And he helped spread his good news to others!

Jesus wants us to know that He is alive. We may not see Jesus while we are living on earth. But Jesus wants us to trust that He is alive because the Bible tells us that it is true. Someday, however, we WILL see Jesus with our own eyes. We will be able to talk with Him, and show Him how much we love Him. Until then, Jesus wants us to know that He IS alive and to tell others that He is alive, too!

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